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PDF restrictions? Atomic PDF Password Recovery. A worthy solution for removal of them
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PDF Password Recovery : screenshot

Removes restrictions of PDF files

You will again be able to print out a PDF file, select and copy data, fill out and edit forms without any restrictions. Atomic PDF Password Recovery totally removes all PDF restrictions and enables you to fully use PDF files. It works instantly.

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Instantaneous result

PDF restrictions disable users from: printing, selecting and copying, filling out forms. A file can only be read off your computer screen.

Atomic PDF Password Recovery undoubtedly removes all restrictions of an Adobe PDF document. Remove restrictions instantly at the launch of a PDF file.

You will again be able to print out your document, select and copy data, fill out and modify forms. Get full access to the file in no time.

Protection removed

It is not a problem to find out what restrictions are imposed on a PDF file. Just open the file's Properties window and choose the Security tab. See an example of doing this in Adobe Reader 9.0.0: open the Properties window of the PDF file. The window contains the imposed restrictions. The things you can do with the file are marked as Allowed, the ones you can not – Not Allowed.

Now this is how the window looks after using Atomic PDF Password Recovery. It changes instantly.

pdf security before
pdf security after

Easiness of use

Any user, no matter how computer literate, can achieve such a terrific result. Laconic graphical interface helps easily grasp the idea. All you've got to do is launch Atomic PDF Password Recovery, open the protected PDF file and get an exact copy of the document with no restrictions imposed by means of setting a Permissions Password.

Facing the problem of Adobe PDF restrictions? Have no Permissions Password?

Choose Atomic PDF Password Recovery – a worthy solution for removal of PDF restrictions.

Size1.1 Mb
Download a FREE trial
PlatformMicrosoft Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista
30.00 US Dollars for personal use

45.00 US Dollars for business use
Supported formatsAdobe PDF 1.7 and bellow

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